Restyled Clothing

Hello to you all,

Well you know I love painting……right well it is over cast today and we have had a few showers. So no painting here:-(. However I did crank up the old sewing machine and yes mine is a singer…lol. Little Miss At Home Vintage is almost 15 months and growing like wildfire. So today I restyled some of her old clothes for the warmer weather. So far I have restyled the Denim Jeans to Denim Shorts. And 2 little dresses I have restyled into little skirts. Without the interruptions would have taken less than an hour all up. So Little Miss now has 3 new outfits from restyled clothing she had grown out of. Not only was it cost effective it was another example of using what you have got. Amazing what an hour on the sewing machine can achieve. Can’t wait for Little Miss to try them on. Restyled clothing I love it!!

Restyle Clothes 1a Restyled Clothing

Clothes Before

Clothes restyled after Restyled Clothing